Pretty Little Fashionista

Emily rocks her graphic tee with bright red skinnies and a on-trend varsity jacket. 

UNIF The Zed Tee- $47.20 (Sale)

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This very Emily-esque button down sports a fun patched back!

Staring At Stars Patched Button-Down Shirt- $39.99 (Sale)

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A studded cami can work as a fantastic piece for day paired with a casual jacket, but it can also be fantastic all by itself for a night out.

Silence + Noise Pastel Studded Cami- $19.99 (Sale)

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Orange is an unexpected color for a plaid shirt, which is why I think I love this top so much!

byCORPUS Burnout Plaid Shirt- $29.99 (Sale)

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Spencer’s scarf was not only a chic addition to her plaid top, but it is currently retailing for less than ten dollars! Snatch it up now!

Pins and Needles Printed Silk Square Scarf- $9.99 (Sale)

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Paige did a little DIY on her horse print shirt, snipping of the fringed sleeves in order to make a much more casual tank top.

Urban Outfitters Title Desert Horse Fringe Tee- NLA

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